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This page is going to have a lot of content on it but we promise, it’s vital for businesses that are not familiar with the web design industry to read. You’ll thank us later.

Web design has evolved a great deal over the past couple decades. When web marketing first started to ‘boom’ as an industry it was common to see web design agencies selling sites for upwards of $10,000. Now-a-days, that industry is slowly dying as business owners learn that a website is actually only a small component of a larger marketing strategy. Having a beautiful, expensive piece of cyberspace is entirely useless unless it’s paired with a well-developed marketing strategy that’s been tailored to your business.

Before You Spend thousands on a Website…Pause.

Often, web design agencies will justify the exorbitant cost of their websites by mentioning features that sounds impressive: “responsive design”, “custom design”, “we have our own CMS”. But, upon further investigation these features are defaults and easily available virtually for free, through any open-sourced platform. It’s a little like going to a buy a car and the sales person trying to sell you a “hand-made car” for $200,000. You’d probably think to yourself that while “hand-made” sounds cool, technology has developed “car factories” so that cars with the exact same functionality can be sold for $20,000 instead of $200,000. If you’re about to order a “custom” website that seems expensive, hold-off, get a second or third opinion on the quote and I guarantee you’ll come across a consultant honest enough to inform you that you’re being taken advantage of.

How is Fort Langley Web Design different?

  1. Well, for one, you’ll never see us quote a site design project anywhere near $10,000. Considering most web design agencies start their pricing at around $8500 and move up from there that’s saying a lot. To be clear, our websites can deliver all of the functionality and visual appeal that a custom web design can plus, they come with honest advice about how you can generate traffic, and develop a truly valuable online presence for your business.
  2. We offer more extensive services. By this we mean that we can help businesses that may already have a website designed but need help managing or redesigning it. Often, business’ come to us frustrated with their current online properties and confused about how to best develop a system for organizing and managing them. With a combination of our web design and development services, our organic web marketing services and our paid advertising services we have a proven track record for meeting our clients’ specific needs.
  3. We can serve a wider range of businesses. Our expertise is in marketing strategy which means we simply have more expertise and experience under our belts and we know how to apply that expertise to businesses using a strategy that will work for them, as opposed to simply offering generic ‘packages’. We have used our deep knowledge of online marketing practices to help businesses of all ages and stages. From start-ups, to mature corporations, both locally and internationally.
  4. No Contracts, No On-Going Fees, Ever. This is a big one. And not all business owners understand why. Of course, we don’t expect our customers to sign on-going contracts, but more importantly, we won’t trap you on our server! What does that mean? Often agencies will boast that they have developed their own CMS (Content Management System), if a web design agency says this to you it should be your first red flag. If an agency has developed their own CMS it means that your website won’t ‘fit’ into other CMS platforms if you should ever decide to move away from their services. You’ll be trapped, if you leave them you’ll lose your site or you’ll have to pay them to transfer it to your new CMS platform. At Fort Langley Web Design, we use WordPress – an open-source, free, CMS that is used universally by 74,652,825 sites around the world. Web design agencies will ‘trap’ their customers on their servers so that they can over-charge you on a monthly basis for ‘hosting’, ‘website updates’ and a barrage of other ‘services’ that simply don’t exist. It’s a monthly ‘toll’ for essentially zero services rendered. Fort Langley Web Design does not do this. We want to teach you to be masters of your own web properties and to fully understand what exactly is and is not taking place in relation to your site.
  5. Attitude. We really have to mention this one, since we feel it’s the most attractive feature of our service-offering. After experiencing first-hand the dishonest and manipulative selling techniques that can sometimes be employed in this industry we decided to set ourselves apart. We’re grounded in honesty and humility. It’s our goal to make the services and strategies we’re offering understandable instead of baffling our customers with lofty industry jargon so they’re confused into paying more. There are no smoke and mirrors here. We’re a down-to-earth, local team that loves the idea of serving Fort Langley and the G.V.R.D. with the digital marketing services that will positively impact the area economically.
  6. That’s all fine and well but what do your websites cost that is so much more affordable? We’ll be upfront, most of our full website design services cost between $1200-$5000. However, as mentioned, we offer re-design services and web development services a-la-cart, that can cost far less.

Why are we able to offer more affordable web design services?

  1. Before I begin, I’ll confirm that all of our talent is local. So we do not lower our cost-base by hiring cheaper labor outside of the country (a practice that is commonly used by larger agencies around the Fraser Valley).
  2. What’s more – we sell Online Marketing Services. That’s where we make our money and where we deliver the most value to our customers. Web design is simply one small component of a well-executed online marketing strategy. Most agencies will specialize only in ‘design’ which is why they are forced to charge so much for their design services.
  3. Furthermore, we understand that if we work hard enough to develop a business’ online properties to the point where they are delivering tangible results for our clients – we will have a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship with that client as their business grows naturally. That’s why we focus intensely on establishing honest, transparent, and accountable relationships with out clients, because long-term that’s where the value lies for everyone.
  4. We’ve answered a lot more questions about our services and those of other online marketing agencies on our FAQ page. Of course, if you still have questions you can feel free to give us a call: 778 242 3177 or email us via the contact form below. We respond within 24 hours.


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